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Pyrotechnics Insurance

Nothing mesmerizes the gaze of the masses quite like a pyrotechnics display. Of ...

Occupational/Accidental Insurance

Independent contractors represent a large and growing section of the work force ...

Nursing Homes

With the growing elderly population, the continuing care industry is rapidly exp...


The transportation industry plays a foundational role in our economy, but it is ...


As a drive away logistics company owner, you are responsible for delivering vehi...

Real Estate

The real estate industry is multifaceted, with several different commercial sect...

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    For over three decades, we have provided our clients creative and cost effective ways to keep their organizations insured so that they can focus on what
    they do best. Don’t just take our word for it; read our case study for a real world example of how expertise saved our client from a frustrating and
    financially costly claim. We understand that you spend your time and hard-earned money keeping your organization operating at peak performance. And
    when claims happen, they can feel like they are putting the breaks on everything. Through White Oaks Insurance, you have a team of experts that will
    help you navigate the confusing and complex system saving you time, money, and resources.


    Saving $200,000 on Workers Comp Claim

    John Doe is a worker who was killed on the job in Ohio. He lives and works in Texas. Doe has no dependents and is unmarried. The laws in all jurisdictions are very specific when it comes to death bene... Read more